OIGY is totally free to use whenever you want to download and preview homes or apartments, rooms and products. In fact you can even try your hand a designing your home or apartment.

You only ever pay for OIGY if you decide you want to save your own designs. In this way you are free to try OIGY for as long as you like and you only need purchase it when you are ready to make your own design.

Buy OIGY on the day you first install it and get 50% off the regular price! You pay just US$19.95 instead of the usual US$39.95.

What about upgrades you ask? Well, OIGY has what we think is a quite unique upgrade policy that we call autoup. With a normal software upgrade policy in order to get any new bugs fixes, speed improvements and feature enhancements you need to buy an upgrade. However, with autoup we give you the all bug fixes and speed improvements of every new version, for life, for free. You only ever need to upgrade your version of OIGY if you desire the feature enhancements that the new version contains. So how does this work in practice? Well, when the next version is released you will be automatically upgraded to that version for free. However, dependant upon the type of new feature you will see either menu options that appear ‘greyed out’ (and therefore non functional) or you will see features that you are able to use but will be unable to save, until of course you purchase an upgrade.

We think that autoup is a far better customer experience than anyone else presently offers and is just another way of us saying ‘thanks for choosing OIGY’.