How do I?

Create an account here on the OIGY website.
To create an account on this website you need to install and run OIGY. When you do so for the first time you will be prompted to create an account which will automatically create a web site account for you.

From them on you can access most of the website functionality from within OIGY by clicking on the ‘Community’ button.

Find my previous MyVirtualHome saved homes when I now use OIGY?

If you’re using OIGY and were previously a MyVirtualHome user you may be wondering where your saved home files have gone.

Don’t worry, they’re still there. By default MyVirtualHome saves homes to your documents folder in a folder called MyVirtualHome. You won’t be surprised to learn then that OIGY saves your homes by default to your documents folder in a folder called OIGY.

When you first run OIGY and click the ‘File’ menu and then click ‘Load home’ you will be looking at the OIGY default folder. Simply navigate up one level and look for MyVirtualHome. Click that folder and your homes will all be there.

If you have saved your homes in MyVirtualHome to a folder other than the default one, just navigate to that folder to find them.

Install OIGY.
Simply download OIGY from the OIGY website and run the installer.

Once the installation completes you need to run OIGY and create a user account. When you do this an account with the same user name and password will automatically be created for you here, on the OIGY website.

Manually upgrade MyVirtualHome to OIGY
Upgrading from MyVirtualHome to OIGY is easy.

Just download and install OIGY. You can get the OIGY INSTALLER HERE.

Then just uninstall MyVirtualHome using the ‘Uninstall a program’ option of your computers Control Panel. To do this, click the START menu, then click ‘Control Panel’, then click ‘Uninstall a program’. Then simply find MyVirtualHome in the list, click on it and then click ‘Uninstall’.

That’s it, you’re all done.