In response to the many requests that we have had to allow users to create their own assets for OIGY you will be pleased to know that we are in the process of adding this capability. 
We will be making use of a free 3rd party 3D modelling package that will allow 3D objects to be created and then brought into OIGY 
Once created assets can be kept private or shared with the entire OIGY community. A new menu system in the left hand menu panel will allow for 3 types of assets: Current assets (These are assets that can currently be purchased), past assets (These are assets that are in the OIGY system but are no longer sold – this is useful if you bought an asset some time ago and would like to use it in your OIGY home) and finally user assets (These are assets created by you or others in the community). 
As this stage we expect this capability to be included in the OIGY v5 update in 2016.