Our vision was to make buying or renovating a home or apartment an enjoyable experience. An experience where you had choice, flexibility and the capability to experience your vision before you embarked upon the journey to come. We also wanted a product that helped you explain and show your vision to others so that they’d remark “Oh, I get you!”

As we’re sure many people can relate to, we’ve experienced everything from building errors, to wrong product selections, to miscommunication with our others about colour or design choices when building or renovating a home. Most people we’ve spoken to over the years have had similar, and often worse experiences. With the world digitising around us, we were certain there had to be a  better way.

Our goal was to create an easy to use technology solution that assisted not only home builders, but also every one they were working with along the way, in planning, designing, decorating, communicating and implementing a home build or renovation, however large or small the scale.

The answer seemed simple, let’s draw it all in 3D, the ultimate way for the complete picture to be seen and shared. The problem was that it was not all that easy, most, if not all of the 3D software systems available were just too expensive, too complicated and in nearly all cases not suitable for sharing with family, friends and the many parties involved in building or renovating a home.

We needed something that everyone could use – something that was inexpensive, realistic and super easy to use, so that all of the stakeholders in any home project could share in the vision or decision-making process.

We also needed something that would work over the internet, so it could be used in the home, but also in store as a kiosk. It had to be multilingual, not just to cater for different countries but different nationalities within our own country.

Work started on the home design software to provide the 3D solution in 2002. There were many years of intense and then sporadic and sometimes interrupted development. Mid 2015 now heralds the launch of the OIGY home design and communication platform, which at the heart of it is the easiest to use, best looking real-time home design system available, empowering users to dream, plan and build their homes – all in an environment which enables brand owners to provide an unparalleled experience for users with the capability to intimately engage with, preview and share the products and services they love.

This was to be a solution where everyone could benefit from seeing the home design in 3D – from planning, to designing and decorating, to communicating with brands and suppliers. We wanted to see it first – see the products, designs, plans we’ve chosen – see the impacts of the decisions we’ve made in the context of our own homes. Thus, OIGY was born.

Whether you are a home owner wanting to see your ideas, before you commit to a start,  or a brand owner that wants to show all of your products in all of the colours or configurations; an architect or building designer, or decorator that wants to convey concepts, OIGY will help everyone ‘get it’.

So about us, we are a team of marketing, programming and home improvement fanatics who are continuously working on OIGY, progressing it towards a system that makes it easier to plan, choose, decide, instruct, calculate, quote and communicate for everyone that is in the home market and home owners.

And by the way, in case you were wondering, OIGY stands for ‘Oh I Get You’ – which we feel perfectly sums up the point of designing and sharing your 3D home. Thanks for taking a look – please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.