OIGY is a 3D home design program that enables you to design, preview and share your plans, renovations and dreams using real products and brands.

OIGY brings your vision to life, not only by giving you the ability to see it first, but also by connecting you to everyone and every product that you need. There’s also the ability to share homes, videos and images with friends, family and businesses – ensuring everyone is on the same virtual page, saving time and costly mistakes.

OIGY helps you avoid the frustration in communicating with multiple contractors, service providers and suppliers by allowing them to see your vision. Simply show them or email them your plan; thereby enabling them to see just what you want.

OIGY is totally free to use when you want to download and preview homes, rooms and products. We only charge if you decide to use OIGY to save your own design and even then we give you 30 days to try it for free. If you decide you love OIGY and choose to purchase it straight away we’ll even give you a discount as a thank you.

So what is OIGY all about? Read on…

OIGY is super easy to use! In fact we expect you to be up and running within 30 minutes. Just download and install the program, browse through our ‘learn OIGY in 15 minutes’ tutorial and you’ll be using the software like a pro.

OIGY is built using computer games based technology; resulting in intuitive interfaces and super slick graphics. OIGY uses drag and drop systems that start with rooms, thereby enabling you to quickly build a home from scratch or use a pre existing floor plan. In fact once you are up to speed with OIGY it’s possible to build a whole home in less than an hour; try that in a CAD program!

So download OIGY today and give it a try. We are sure you’ll be glad you did.